Royalty Relations

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I notify Longfellow Energy, LP of an address change?


A. Please download the Change of Address Form and follow the accompanying instructions. This form can be submitted by email, mail, or fax.  Address changes cannot be handled by telephone as a signature authorizing the change of address is required.



Q. What documentation is required if I have purchased an interest or sold an interest?


A. A recorded copy of the deed or conveyance evidencing the acquisition or sale of the property is needed to transfer the interest.  This document must be recorded in the county the interest is located in.  A certified copy is not required.



Q. Do you offer direct deposit?


A. Yes. Please complete the ACH Authorization Form and mail it along with a voided check to the attention of our Treasury Department.  Please note, it takes between two and three monthly revenue cycles after our receipt of the ACH Authorization from for direct deposit to begin.  You will continue to receive a paper check until a test cycle has been completed successfully.  Direct Deposit expedites delivery of your production revenue securely and at no cost to you.



Q. The owner of an interest is deceased.  What documentation is required to transfer the interest to their heirs?


A. Please contact Longfellow Energy, LP immediately to discuss the necessary documentation.  Documentation requirements can vary greatly if the decedent did not leave a will and died Intestate.  If the decedent left a will and died Testate, Longfellow Energy, LP may require a copy of one or more of the following documents:


  • Last will & testament
  • Order admitting the will to probate
  • Letters testamentary or letters of administration
  • Final order/decree of distribution or a deed from the personal representative of the estate to the heirs
  • Death certificate



Q. When should I receive my check?


A. Longfellow Energy, LP mails revenue checks and processes ACH Payments on the last business day of each month. If you have not received your revenue check or ACH Payment by the 15th day of the following month, please call (972) 590-9941.

     Completing an ACH Authorization Form expedites delivery of production revenue and reduces payment problems due to lost, stolen, or misdirected checks.



Q. What is my Owner ID?


A. The Owner ID is a unique set of characters identifying your individual account.  It can be found on the top right of your Revenue Check Detail.  This set of characters usually consists of the first three letters of the last name, followed by the first three letters of the first name.  For example, the Owner ID for John Smith would be SMIJOH.  If possible, please have your Owner ID available when contacting us to expedite communication.



Q. What is a Division Order?


A. A Division Order is a document that directs the distribution of proceeds from the sale of oil and gas. Among other things, the Division Order includes the legal description of the property involved, specifies the ownership interest of the owner, outlines the basis for distributing proceeds that result from the sale of oil and gas production from the property, establishes certain responsibilities between the parties, and does not alter or amend an oil and gas lease in any way.



For inquiries concerning
Division Orders, Revenue Checks, Production, and IRS 1099 Forms,

Please contact:


Ryan Reynolds

Longfellow Energy, LP

8115 Preston Road, Suite 800

Dallas, TX 75225

Phone & Fax: (972) 590-9941


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